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Cycling trails

Slovenske Konjice –
Zlati Grič

The path to the warm embrace of vines

Starting point: Slovenske Konjice
(Town Square)
Length: 2,77 km
very easy
 asphalt and gravel

A popular trail, from where there is a beautiful view of the Old Square of Slovenske Konjice among the vineyards. Map

Route: Mestni trg – Oplotniška ulica – Škalce – Zlati grič (and back)

Route description: From the Town Square, head towards the Slovenske Konjice Bus Station and then right onto Liptovska cesta, where you will pass the interesting Baronvaj Castle. At the large intersection, turn left in the direction of Oplotnica and then left again onto Vinogradna street. When you climb the hill to the right towards Škalce, the road will eventually turn into a gravel road. You will pass the Zlati grič golf course and the Vineyard Mansion, with a beautiful view of Slovenske Konjice, and then descend to the cellar of the Zlati grič company, which boasts one of the most modern cellars in Slovenia.

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You can also go to Zlati Grič by bike from Zreče. The route will take you along the former narrow-gauge railway line to the wine-growing hills.


Take the opportunity for a longer stop between the vineyards and enjoy the view of Slovenske Konjice and the mighty Konjiška gora with the Old Castle of Slovenske Konjice.


In one of the most modern wine cellars, Zlati grič, take the opportunity to taste their excellent wines and sparkling wines or to visit the wine cellar.

Slovenske Konjice –
Žička kartuzija

Simple cycling route to Žička kartuzija

Starting point: Old market centre
of Slovenske KonjiceLength: 25 km (both ways)
Altitude difference: 131 m
Riding time: 2 hours (both ways)
Difficulty: medium

The Carthusians were a silent order, so the silent beauty still prefers guests who visit it to arrive without any cars and without any noise. The picturesque cycling path will lead you to the magnificent Žiče Carthusian Monastery.

Course: regional road Slovenske Konjice – Konjiška vas – Žiče – Špitalič – Žička kartuzija

Path description: From the town centre of Slovenske Konjice, you will cycle at the foot of  Konjiška gora past Konjiška vas and Žiče. There you will turn right and head directly towards the other side of the mountain. You will soon pass the Žiče quarry, where an endemic, beautiful tiny yellow plant called the Žički grobeljnik grows. Passing the villages of Škedenj and Špitalič, you will enter the narrow and quiet Valley of St. John the Baptist, at the end of which a breathtaking historical monument awaits you: Žička kartuzija. Next to it you will find Gastuž, the oldest working inn in Slovenia from 1467.

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You can also choose a more difficult cycling route which runs along Konjiška gora. You start your journey in the Old Square of Slovenske Konjice and continue to the town cemetery. Along the gravel road below the cemetery, you climb Konjiška gora until you see the interesting Three Crosses. There, turn onto the gravel road to the right, towards the village of Sojek. The road will soon turn into asphalt. When you arrive at a major asphalt intersection, turn left towards Žička kartuzija.


The Žička kartuzija is a cultural monument of national importance and was the first of the Carthusian monasteries built in Central Europe in 1160. For a short period, at the end of the 14th century, it was even the seat of the Prior General of the Roman Obedience, that is, the “metropolis” of the Carthusian Order. Get to know the interesting history of this silent beauty.


In Gastuž, the oldest operating inn in Slovenia from 1467, you can enjoy a pleasant snack at the Gastuž 1467 café and try some of their specialties.

»Konjice Bike« (Slovenske Konjice - Loče along the "Stara štrekna")

Popular track along the routes of the former Poljčane-Slovenske Konjice-Zreče narrow gauge railway

Starting point: Slovenske Konjice
Length: 20 km
Riding time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Very easy surface
Surface: gravel and asphalt

The marked, two-way cycle path is quite easy to ride. It runs along the route where the Poljčane-Zreče narrow gauge railway used to run, so the locals call it “stara štrekna” (the old railway track). A well-maintained path, between 2-2.5 m wide, will take you through the regulated part of the Dravinja Valley, across fields and meadows, and offer many photogenic opportunities where you will simply just have to stop.

Route: Slovenske Konjice – Draža vas – Senožet – Loče (and back)

Route description: From the Town Square in Slovenske Konjice, head towards the post office and Konus’s office building. At the next intersection, turn right, cross the bridge over the Dravinja and continue straight on Delavska cesta. On a larger road, bypass, turn left, cross the bridge again, and then immediately turn right onto a straight road running along the river. At this point, you are already on the so-called “stara štrekna”, a former narrow gauge railway line. From here on, the route is marked with red direction signs. You will drive past the Ecological Waste Management Centrer, where the road passes into a fortified gravel track and join the Prežigal Water Educational Trail. On a perfectly flat road, you will cycle all the way to the highway, where the road then turns to the right. When you reach the asphalt road, turn left and go through a tiny tunnel to the other side of the highway. From there, the cycling route continues again along the tarmac road along the highway. The path will lead you to Draža vas and the regional road, where you will turn to the right. After crossing the bridge over the Dravinja, turn left and take the gravel path to the airport on the right side of the Dravinja. When you arrive at the airport, after about 150 meters, head towards the regional road, and you then soon turn left onto the gravel path towards Loče. To visit Loče, join the regional road or return along the same route.

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The Poljčane-Slovenske Konjice narrow gauge railway was built in 1892. They wanted to connect the places that were rich in natural resources with the Southern State Railway. Initially, the connection was only to Slovenske Konjice (15 km), but in 1921 it was extended to Zreče. When the train travelled on the narrow gauge railway for the last time in 1962, people waved goodbye.

Loče - Draža vas - Žiče - Klokočovnik - Loče

A cycling route that connects Loče with neighboring villages.

Starting point: Loče
Length: 20.7 km
Surface: asphalt

An unmarked circular cycling path leads cyclists through the Dravinja Valley and its hilly slopes, where pleasant villages and interesting cottages are located.

Route: Loče – Koble – Draža vas – Žiče – Klokočovnik – Suhadol – Lipoglav – Loče

Loče - Sv. Jernej - Zbelovo - Loče

A picturesque cycling route where you can see as many as two castles.

Starting point: Loče
Length: 12.8km
Surface: asphalt

An unmarked cycling route that ascends from Loče to the surrounding hills with beautiful views of the Dravinja Valley. Along the way, you will see two mighty castles, the Pogled Manor  in Loče and the Zbelovo Castle, which protected the paths along the Dravinja River in the past.

Route: Loče – Koble – Sv. Jernej – Vrh – Zbelovo – Mlače – Pogled – Loče

Slovenske Konjice - Žička kartuzija - Žiče - Zbelovo - Sv. Jernej - Novo Tepanje - Slovenske Konjice

Cycling trail, where we get to know and experience the municipality of Slovenske Konjice.

Starting point: Slovenske Konjice
Length: 48.6 km
Surface: asphalt and gravel

If you want to get to know most of the known and unknown pearls of the municipality of Slovenske Konjice, this cycling route is right for you. An unmarked circular path climbs from the town of Slovenske Konjice to Konjiška gora and through it to the Valley of St. John the Baptist, where the mighty Žička kartuzija is located. From there, it goes through a narrow valley into the Dravinja Valley all the way to Zbelovo, from where it returns to Slovenske Konjice along the hilly area past Tepanje.

Route: Slovenske Konjice – Sojek – Žička kartuzija – Špitalič – Žiče – Loče – Zbelovo – Sv. Jernej – Sp. Grušovje – Novo Tepanje – Brdo – Bezina – Slovenske Konjice

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Along the way, we can also see many interesting cultural monuments: the Žiče Carthusian Monastery, the Church of the Visitation of Mary in Špitalič, the Pogled Manorthe Zbelovo Castle, the Church of St. Bartholomew and many other things. For a happy continuation of the route, do not forget to also look at the fresco of St. Christopher, which adorns the facade of the church of St. Peter in Žiče. You will certainly not run out of ideas for a pleasant stop along the way.

Slovenske Konjice – Tepanje – Slovenske Konjice

Circular cycling route to Tepanje

Starting point: Slovenske
KonjiceLength: 12.8 km
Surface: asphalt

This circular cycling route will take you between the sunny Dravinja hills, the village of Tepanje and the pleasant plain along the Dravinja river. The diversity of the terrain allows for a variety of views.

An unmarked circular path ascends from Slovenske Konjice to the village of Gabrovnik and to sunny hilly areas that allow for beautiful photography. After these, you can descend past Tepanjski vrh into the valley, to the developing village of Tepanje. From there, take the official two-way cycling path towards Slovenske Konjice. But not for long, as the cycling route soon leaves the trail and turns left towards the village of Prežigal. After a while, you will cross the Dravinja river and return to Konjice after a level terrain past the lovely villages of Breg and Blato.

Route: Slovenske Konjice – Gabrovnik – Brdo – Tepanjski vrh – Tepanje – Prežigal – Breg – Blato – Slovenske Konjice


If you just want to visit Tepanje, you can also reach it from Slovenske Konjice by the regional cycling route R29, which runs along the Slovenske Konjice-Tepanje route.

On this section, a two-way bicycle path has been constructed, which runs from the roundabout at the exit from Slovenske Konjice (at the Hofer shop) and ends at the roundabout at the entrance to the highway. This well-maintained cycle path is just over 3,230m long and 2.5 m wide.

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Bike parks

The "Konjice Trails"
Cycle Park

Konjiška gora hides many more, or less, adrenaline fueled cycling routes in its bosom.

Starting point: Bike Ranch Nana’s House, Breg pri Konjicah 3, 3210 Slovenske Konjice
Length: 19 km
Numberof routes: 14
Difficulty: flexible
Surface: forest paths, gravel, asphalt

Nature has taken care of a wide selection of terrains on Konjiška gora, among which every cyclist can find a suitable one for themselves and where even more demanding adrenaline enthusiasts come for their own account.

Currently, there are about 5 kilometers of downhill trails at all levels of difficulty in the Konjice Trails cycling park. Due to the interesting structure of the Konjice Mountains, the tracks are not among the easiest, but their creators have made sure that every cyclist can find something which appeals to them. The use of the bike park is free of charge. You can also use a bicycle taxi (bike shuttle), and accommodation for cyclists and equipment has also been taken care of.

More information.

Bike Center Konjice – BCK
3210 Slovenske Konjice

T: +386 (0)69 799 923
M: +386 (0)51 444 141


  • In geological terms, Konjiška gora is an extension of the Karavanke mountains. Their continuation is represented by Boč, Donačka gora and Macelj. It mainly consists of Triassic limestones and dolomites, with Permian rocks in the southeast.
  • The Old Konjice castle was one of the largest and most magnificent in Styria. It is also one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. It was first mentioned in 1165 in the charter of the founding of the Žiče Carthusian Monastery, but it was certainly built much earlier.

Pump Track Trail
Slovenske Konjice

A polygon for cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading and scooter enthusiasts

Type: Standard
Year built: 2021
Area: 860 m2
Asphalt area: 440 m2

For various sports enthusiasts, the Slovenske Konjice Sports Hall offers a polygon consisting of undulating bumps and bends that are rhythmically connected to each other in a circular loop. Most often, cyclists ride on it, but it is also suitable for riding skateboards, roller skates and scooters.

The popular pump track is a fortified earthen path that even the youngest will be impressed by when they start making the first turns on their bike. Older cyclists will simply be addicted to riding on undulating terrain. Riding on the polygon is undertaken without pedaling or pushing, only by moving the body’s centre of gravity.


The Pump Track is great for children’s motor skills, as well as helping them concentrate and coordinate better.