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The Slovenske Konjice running track

The pleasure of running in the shade of centuries-old trees.


The Slovenske Konjice cross-country trail is a good kilometer=long sandy trail, on which running becomes a pleasure with views of centuries-old trees.

The jogging trail is located just below Konjiška gora in an idyllic park above Trebnik Manor. The trail is 1,112 meters long and is sprinkled with natural sand. Part of the track is also a small outdoor training park with props that will effectively help you with stretching and strength exercises. Along the trail, you can also rest on one of the wooden benches with a beautiful view of the Trebnik Manor and mighty trees.

The running track and outdoor fitness are part of the Park Sports and Recreation Centre.


  • Running on sandy surfaces is, in most cases, much less stressful for our body, as running on natural materials.
  • The park can boast both indigenous and exotic trees. Among them, we can find various types of maples, beech, hornbeam, linden, horse chestnut, birch and alder amongst others. After the flood in 2014, the rehabilitation of damaged trees was necessary, many trees were also newly planted.



You can make an invigorating stop at Trebnik Manor, where you can enjoy a drink, dessert or a real lunch in the Trebnik Restaurant and Café.


Sit in the park above Trebnik Manor and relax listening to the sounds of nature.