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Sports airport
Slovenske Konjice

Žiče 107, 3215 Loče


Get to know Slovenske Konjice and the southern slopes of Pohorje from a bird’s eye view.

Do you want to be able to see all the forests, clearings, lawns, vineyards as if from a floating box, with lively streams, winding rivers and old market towns all at the same time? All this is possible by organising a panoramic flight from the Slovenske Konjice Sports Airport.

Slovenske Konjice Airport is located near the village of Žiče. From there, panoramic flights are also possible, which can take adventure lovers to soaring heights and visit the diverse landscapes of the municipality of Slovenske Konjice and beyond. The airport has one runway intended for sports and tourist aircraft (up to a total weight of 5000 kg). The route of the runway is located on a former large field on the eastern side of the old Poljčane-Zreče abandoned railway line, from which another name for the airport is derived – Senožet Airport.

How are panoramic flights organised?

In addition to the pilot, others can get to experience this bird’s eye adventure. For safety reasons, the age limit for a child is 10 years.

In addition to organising panoramic flights, Slovenske Konjice Airport offers a number of other activities:

  • pilot training at all levels,
  • use of the modelling track,
  • aircraft hangar,
  • arranged space and organisation for picnics and events for small and larger groups (over 500 people).

Pico d.o.o.
T: +386 (0)37 592 030


  • The interesting thing about Slovenske Konjice Airport is that it also offers a special flight all the way to the symbol of Slovenia, the highest Slovenian mountain, Triglav.
  • From the Slovenske Konjice Sports Airport, you can fly and land anywhere in the European Union.
  • The first landing in the area of today’s airport was made in 1952 by Vinko Štefanič, the oldest pilot from the Konjice area, who trained as a pilot in 1946.