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In the past, Gastuž fell under the auspices of the famous Žiče Carthusian Monastery, which was created around 1160. At the entrance to the monastery, there is a guest house or the so-called Gastuž, where everyone who passed by the mighty monastery stayed overnight.

After the abandonment of the lower monastery and, therefore, the hospital in Špitalič , there was a need for new premises where visitors, travellers and foreigners who were not allowed to enter the monastery walls could be received. The ground floor of the building that would serve this purpose was erected in the 15th century (in 1467), and the first floor was built in the 17th century, when Gastuž acquired its present appearance. The lower part used to include a guesthouse where Carthusian wine was sold, and the floor was intended for overnight stays. There was also a stable for the travellers’ horses or harnessed livestock. A taxman lived in the building itself, who supervised the transport of tithe grain and wine for the Carthusian monastery and opened the doors that already defended the monastery here.

The first owners of Gastuž were the Carthusians until the dissolution of the monastery in 1782. Whether the inn ceased to operate after the abandonment of the monastery is also unknown, but it is certainly the oldest inn in Slovenia, as there isn’t another one anywhere else.



Gastuž, which still stands today, continues to offer shelter to travellers, visitors, tourists and other guests who, in addition to visiting Žička kartuzija, wish for some refreshment.Since June 2021, the restaurant has been run by Mateja and Andrej Smogavc. The daily offer of Gastuž, which includes simple home cuisine and an entire range of original drinks, was, at the end of 2022, upgraded with the Restaurant Sparguswhich is located on the second floor of Gastuž and offers genuine dishes of the highest quality.

In addition to the inn, our Tourist Information Office (TIC) is located inside Gastuž, where you can find a large number of different products in addition to ticket sales. Some of them are also certified by the Okusi Rogle brand.


  • V nadstropju se nahajajo kuhinja ter restavracijska prostora, poimenovana po Filipu Žičkemu in Leopoldu Konjiškemu, ki sta tesno povezana z zgodovino Žičke kartuzije.
  • Na nasprotni strani Gastuža ima svoje domovanje stalna prebivalka Žičke kartuzije, naša »kartuzijanka«, muca Lidija. Zvesta spremljevalka dogajanja v samostanu, ki navdušuje obiskovalce od blizu in daleč.


  • Ob obisku Gastuža lahko ob lepem vremenu posedite na terasi, od koder imate odličen pogled na Žičko kartuzijo, prisluhnete žvrgolenju ptic ter žuborenju potočka Žičnica. V hladnejših dneh pa se lahko pogrejete in podružite v notranjosti najstarejše gostilne na Slovenskem.