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Jernejček Pond

Pleasant space for sport fishing


Near Zbelovo there is the Jernejček pond, with an enviable amount of fish. The pond is home to cyprinidae, carps, babushka (silver crucian carp), common bream, grass carps, pike, zander and others.

The pond is located in an idyllic area near the forest and meadows, and there is a pleasant path around the lake. Next to it, visitors are welcomed by a fishing lodge, where people also find a place to meet up and socialise. The fishing season runs from March to the end of October, from Wednesday to Sunday and from dawn to dusk. Around the 400-meter-long pond, you will find many small but neatly arranged places for pleasant fishing. The pond is 50 to 60 m wide and its depth ranges from 0.5 m to about 2.5 m.

The Slovenska Bistrica Fishing Association takes care of the pond, and you can also arrange permits from them. The Jernejček pond offers 3 types of permits:

  • Catch and release and
  • Catch and take.


The Jernejček pond was built in 1986 with the voluntary work of members of the fishing association.


Sit by the pond and relax and listen to the sounds of nature.