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Hiking trails

Slovenske Konjice –

The highest peak of Konjiška gora with a viewing tower

Starting point: Slovenske Konjice Cemetery (380 m)
Length: 13 km (both ways)
Total ascent: 679 m
Walking time: 3 hours (both ways)
Difficulty: medium to difficult

At the highest peak of Konjiška gora, hikers are greeted by a 25m high metal tower, from where, in good weather, a view stretches out across Slovenia and beyond. Hikers can record their visit to the summit in the registration book, next to which there is also a mountain stamp.

Description of the route: Above the Konjice cemetery with the Church of St. Anne, climb the steep path into the forest, where you will soon see the Old Castle of Konjice. When you reach the castle, take the road down to the intersection of roads leading over Konjiška gora. Here, the markings will direct you up the road, and soon thereafter a path to the left. After the initial steep part, the terrain is slightly regulated and in some areas it provides a beautiful view of the Dravinja Valley. You can climb all the way to the highest peak of Konjiška gora, 1012 meters high, via the crossroads of the Counts of Štant. There, you will be able to climb a few meters higher to the lookout tower, from where you will have a beautiful view far and wide in good weather.


  • Every year on 26th December, the Day of Independence and Unity of the Republic of Slovenia, a traditional winter ascent to Stolpnik takes place, which is attended by many mountaineers. On this day, not only mountaineers from the local Slovenske Konjice Mountaineering Association come, but also from neighbouring mountaineering associations and beyond.
  • Stop at the Old Castle of Konjice, from where you have a beautiful view of the old market centre of Slovenske Konjice and even further along the Dravinja Valley with the hills of Pohorje in the background.
  • The first lookout tower on the highest peak of Konjiška gora stood after the Second World War. The original one was made of wood and therefore eventually collapsed. The metal one was built by the Konjice company, Kongrad d.d. in 1997 on the order of the Slovenske Konjice Mountaineering Society. Transfers of materials to the construction site were mostly carried out by members of this society through voluntary work; all donors who contributed funds to the construction of the tower are written on the tower. The tower is 25m high and has 140 steps.


You can also take a longer circular path and continue from Stolpnik to the Three Crosses and then descend to the southern side of Konjiška gora all the way down to Žička kartuzija (425 m).

You start your hike to Stolpnik at the Žička kartuzija where you can visit one of the most important monasteries in Slovenia. In Gastužu, where you will find the cafe, Gastuž 1467 in Restaurant Spargus, you can also take some refreshments.
You can also start the hike to Stolpnik in Zreče at Ribniki Stranice. The route is more demanding due to the length and ascent, but you will be rewarded for this effort by its interesting terrain and beautiful views.

Slovenske Konjice –
Skala on Konjiška gora

Popular alpine spot with locals

Starting point: Slovenske Konjice Sports Hall (333 m)
Length: 3km (both ways)
Total ascent: 420 m
Walking time: 95 min (both ways)
Difficulty: easy

Skala is a panoramic pier that extends from the northern forest slope of Konjiška gora. It offers a unique view of Konjice and a large part of the Dravinja Valley with Pohorje in the north and Boč and Dravsko polje in the east. On this trail, hikers are greeted by benches and a table, and at the top there is an entry book and a stamp.

Path description: From the sports hall in Slovenske Konjice, head up the road and then at the cemetery with the Church of St. Anne, turn to the left. For a short time, the path will lead you along the road, and above the cemetery slightly to the right through the rock shelves to the ruins of the Old Castle of Konjice.
At the clearing, opposite the castle, cross the gravel road and follow the markings into the forest. The path will take you to the left of the Konjska smrt gorge to the bend of the forest road, which leads to the southern side of Konjiška gora. There, the markings will direct you left to the cart track and to the path that leads through the forest along the shortcut again to the aforementioned road. There, the signpost will re-direct you left up to the forest path. Continue at leisure along the hunting trail that leads to Skala.


There is also a direct path to Skala, which is very steep and in the last part also includes climbing. This path is very demanding, so we recommend a protective helmet and kitThe path is 2.2 km long in both directions, the walking time is 85 min.
Youcan continue along the trail to the southern side of Konjiška gora to Žička kartuzija and see one of the most important monasteries in our country (Hiking trail: Slovenske Konjice – Žička kartuzija), and in Gastuž you can enjoy a pleasant refreshment. You can also choose the Žiče Carthusian Monastery as a starting point for a hike to Skala.

Slovenske Konjice –
Žička kartuzija

On foot in the quiet Valley of St. John the Baptist.

Starting point: Slovenske Konjice Cemetery (380m)
12 kmTotalascent: 490 m
Walking time: 2 hours (one way)
Difficulty: medium to demanding

To the mighty ruins of the former monastery in the Valley of St. John the Baptist on a pleasant path that leads across Konjiška Gora. The Carthusians were a silent order, so Žička Kartuzija still prefers any guests who visit it to arrive without a car and without any noise.

Description of the route: The first part of the route is exactly the same as climbing to the most popular hiking point in Slovenske Konjice – Skala, which you will be able to see as you go along. From Skala, continue in the same direction (you will also be directed by the board for the Žička kartuzija), along a narrow path to the top of Konjiška gora, where you will reach a sandy trail. After that, you will start descending down the path towards Žička kartuzija. When you reach the asphalt road, turn left, where you will pass a small bus stop and a larger farm. Turn right and downwards at this point. When descending towards the Carthusian monastery, follow the markings and signs for the Žiče Carthusian Monastery at all times. A good part of the path will run through meadows and cart tracks, and at the end you will reach the forest, from where the path will first lead you straight, along the flattened part of the forest, and then it will direct you slightly to the right along a slightly steeper, but rather short path down. We come to the valley under the eastern part of the walls of the Žiče Carthusian Monastery.


If you want to do part of the path instead of a gravel forest path, continue along the road to the Old Castle at the cemetery in Slovenske Konjice. Instead of going left towards the Old Castle, you will continue straight in the direction of the Three Crosses, and then you will reach the same asphalt road, a small bus stop and a farm. From there, continue your journey as described above. Map


The Žiče Carthusian Monastery is a cultural monument of national importance, which was created around 1160. It was the first of the Carthusian monasteries built in Central Europe. For a short period, at the end of the 14th century, it was even the seat of the Prior General of the Roman Obedience, that is, the “metropolis” of the Carthusian Order.


In the Gastužu 1467 café and the Spargus Restaurant , which operate in the oldest working inn in Slovenia, you can try some of their specialties.

hiking trail

Hiking trail connecting Loče and Zbelovo

Starting point: Loče (Lopan tourist farm)
Length: 21km (circular path)
Total ascent: 630 m
Hiking time : 8h
Difficulty: easy

The marked circular Loško-Zbelovska hiking trail reveals interesting corners of the eastern part of the municipality of Slovenske Konjice to hikers.

Path description: The path starts in Loče, goes past Mlače to Zbelovo and then  ascends to Ljubična gora and Zbelovska gora – hills that connect Boč with Konjiška gora. The circular path continues in a westerly  direction and returns to the valley past Suhadol. Along the way, in addition to beautiful views, you will see quite a few interesting sights, from the Church of St. Mother of God on Ljubica, Mary’s steps, many chapels, the Maribor-Celje railway underpass to pleasant villages.


Every third Sunday in September, the Loče Alpine Society organises a mass hike along the Loško-Zbelovska mountain trail, where stamps can be collected.