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Museum collection
of military objects of the Austro-Hungarian period

Stari trg 35

In the immediate vicinity of the Church of St. George, in Stari trg, there is a private museum collection of military objects of the Austro-Hungarian period, which is taken care of and regularly supplemented by the amateur collector and devoted resident of Konjice, Robert Vrečko. Sabres, helmets, headgear, medals, postcards, photographs, excavations of the Isonzo Front and many other military, patriotic and religious items are on display, which take us back to the time when our grandfathers fought for the emperor in various wars until the collapse of the monarchy and the fight for the northern border. Most of the exhibited items are related to the time of the First World War. Many of them are related to our town and life in it. They are a memory of a period marked by the words: Everything for faith, home and emperor. The premises where the private collection is located were renovated in September 2016. To view the collection, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance.


  • In addition to various objects from the Austro-Hungarian period, equipment and weapons from the First World War and antiquities that tell about the past of Slovenske Konjice, the museum collection also includes a part of the collection dedicated to the railway, especially the narrow gauge railway line, Poljčane-Slovenske Konjice-Zreče.
  • The founder of the museum collection actively cooperates with the Slovenske Konjice Historical Society, with historians, connoisseurs of the history of Slovenske Konjice and its surroundings, and other collectors of historical objects.

Museum of
Firefighting in the Dravinja Valley

Žička cesta 4

The establishment of the Museum of Firefighting in the Dravinja Valley dates back to October 2000, and its public presentation dates back to April 2001. The museum is a real treasure trove of firefighting and cultural heritage and a real lesson for visitors. In addition to the basic task of preserving the firefighting heritage, the museum also has the task of uniting the surrounding firefighting associations in the collection of firefighting museum items and presenting the collections to the public, especially to younger generations. The museum, which covers an area of 250 m2, is located on the upper floor of the Slovenske Konjice Fire Station. To view the collection, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance.

Welcome with the firefighter’s salute, TO THE RESCUE!


  • There are currently 13 special collections on display, which include various decorations, lamps, fire extinguishers and tools, firefighters’ equipment, headgear, uniforms and many other items related to firefighting, as well as 4 general collections,where we can find various collections of professional firefighting literature, chronicles, original manuscripts, cups, photographs,  calendars and historical landmarks etc.
  • In 2020 , the museum celebrated its 20th anniversary. HERE you can see the article about the jubilee, which was broadcast on RTV Slovenia 1 in the section Slovenska kronika 20. 01. 2020.

Heritage House,

Mlače 26 a

You will find the Heritage House just a stone’s throw from Slovenske Konjice in the pleasant village of Mlače. This museum houses a rich ethnological collection of objects that take us back to the time when our ancestors lived. These are primarily objects that introduce the life of a farmer, a winegrower and a craftsman. The materials from which these objects are made show the connection of man with nature. To view the collection, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance.


Over the years, villagers have accumulated a large number of objects that talk about the work and life of our ancestors. Since they did not have the opportunity to exhibit these objects anywhere, the Heritage House was built in 2004 for this purpose. The museum is managed by the Mlače Tourist Association.

The National
Liberation War and Ethnological Museum,
Tolsti vrh

Tolsti vrh

The “Pustova hiša” formerly the “Ratejeva zidanica” was jointly renovated by the Špitalič Tourist Association and the Municipality of Slovenske Konjice. The house is characterised by its authentic Styrian village design. It is made of stone, clay and wood, and until recently it was covered with straw. Due to wear and tear, the straw was replaced by newer roofing in 2013. Its interior houses the National Liberation War Museum, an ethnological collection of old objects and farm craft tools, and a collection from World War II. Visiting is possible by prior arrangement.


You can also walk to Pustova hiša via Konjiška gora with the starting point in Slovenske Konjice.