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Learning routes

Little Dragon's Learning Trail

Get to know the interesting flora and fauna and the mysteries of Konjiška gora

Starting point: The Pod goro primary school, Slovenske Konjice
Length: 3 km
Elevation: 190 m
Walking time: 2 hours (circular route)
Difficulty: easy

A dragon, who once lived in the heart of Konjiška gora, will lead hikers along Little dragon’s learning trail. You will be able to follow his story through interesting information boards, and you will also learn about the interesting flora, fauna, rocks, as well as the cultural history of the mountain, which marked the inhabitants of the valley.

Route description: The route starts at the Pod goro primary school, where the first information board is located. Slowly ascend the asphalt road to the city cemetery, where on one side you are greeted by rich orchards. Pass them on the road to the forest, where the path immediately says goodbye to the gravel road and turns right into the forest. On the pleasant forest path, in addition to chirping birds, you will also see the spring of the mysterious stream Gospodična, a hunting observatory, the mighty Konjice Old Castle and an abandoned quarry. You will head into the valley to the last information board past the Trebnik Manor and the beautiful park that surrounds the castle. On the way, you will not be deprived of beautiful views, and children will enjoy the various tasks that are located on the boards even more.


Sit in the park above Trebnik Manor and relax and listen to the sounds of nature.


On 12+1 themed boards, in addition to interesting content, you will also find QR codes that can help you be even more active on the road:

  • perform simple physical exercises,
  • you can hear about the legend of the Konjice dragon,
  • take a look at the 3D model of Konjice Castle.

Petelinjek Nature
Educational Trail

Nature trail to the Petelinjek wetland

Starting point: along the road, 600 meters east of Sveti Jernej (educational board)
Length: 3 km
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: very light

On the educational trail , you will learn about the diversity of wetlands, ponds, forests and surrounding meadows. On a simple but inspiring path, you will be accompanied by 13 information boards which will encourage you to observe nature. The Petelinjek wetland extends near the village of Ličnica over an area of 37 hectares and is protected under the European nature protection network, Natura 2000. It consists of four ponds: Štatenberšek, Štepihovec, Polšak and Stari gaj.

Route description: When you park along the road, 600 meters east of Sveti Jernej, you will find the first educational board. From there, take the  circular route. You can go either left or right, as the path is circular. The path is flat and simple, and easy to follow, as it is well used and, in some places, it is even boarded for easier passage through marshy areas. You’ll also find some benches to rest on along the way.


The Nature Educational Trail contains many endangered plants and animals:

  • medicinal burnet, a special nutrient plant for two species of butterflies: the Phengaris teleius and P. nausithous,
  • numerous orchids (the most common is the cuckoo),
  • the medicinal plant, sweet flag,
  • Schoenoplectus mucronatus,
  • 30 species of dragonflies (more than half found in Slovenia!),
  • 30 species of birds,
  • various amphibians,
  • some reptiles.

Prežigal Water
Educational Trail

A pleasant educational path along the Dravinja river

Starting point: Slovenske Konjice
Length: 9 km
Time: 2hours
Difficulty: light

The educational trail runs along a pleasant flat terrain along the Dravinja river, where the route of the old Poljčane-Zreče narrow gauge railway used to run. On the way, visitors will get to know the Dravinja river with its tributaries, underground storage facilities in wells and hydromelioration channels.

Circular route: Slovenske Konjice – straight road along the former railway line along the Dravinja river – the waste management centre – circular route along Prežigal – return along the former railway line to Slovenske Konjice

Route description: The route starts in Slovenske Konjice, from where you can take the former Poljčane-Zreče narrow gauge railway line towards the waste management centre in Prežigal. From there, continue along the gravel road and follow the information boards on this circular route which lead you back to the waste management centre.


Along the way, you will discover 8 information boards that will provide you with interesting topics:

  • River basin
  • about Dravinja’s protected forests along the Dravinja
  • Centennial oaks in Prežigal
  • Cultural landscape along the Dravinja river
  • Melioration trenches and their functions
  • the Dravinja river
  • Village well on Prežigal
  • The waste management centre

Energy route

The silent energy
of the Žiče Carthusian Monastery

Along the path of energy points

Get to know its energies through the marked themed path that surrounds the monastery walls and experience the energy circle.

The Žiče Carthusian Monastery has always been considered a place of spiritual retreat, silence and incredible energy. This is still the case today, as modern people increasingly like to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and modern technology.

Since October 2020, the themed energy path, the Silent Energy of the Žiče Carthusian Monastery, has been established at monastery, which has been designed in partnership with Mr. Jože Munih from the Tolmin Energy Path Private Institute and assisted by Drago Iršič who has many years experience as a herbalist .

The energy path runs directly along the walls of the Žiče Carthusian Monastery and partly into its interior. It is equipped with information boards and seats, where the visitor can enjoy pleasant energy in the peace and quiet of the forest, with the gentle sound of a stream. According to the creator of this path, Mr. Jože Munih, the Žiče Carthusian Monastery is permeated with incredible energy, which is especially strong in water, which has a beneficial effect on our health and well-being.


At the entrance to the energy path, you will be greeted by an information board, where you will find a short presentation of the path, chakras and descriptions of the points you will walk through. One of the points is also the second most powerful water energy in Slovenia. You can pour this water, preferably into a bottle, drink it immediately or take it home with you.


The energy path is intended for everyone who wants to move away from the everyday hustle and bustle. By yourself or in the company of your loved ones, you can sit in the seats next to the energy points and enjoy the peace, quiet and sounds of nature that surround you.


There are many hiking trails in the immediate vicinity of the energy trail. Visitors most often opt for a trail through Konjiška gora, where they can visit its highest peak, Stolpnik, the viewpoint at Skala, Konjice Old Castle or the Little dragon’s learningl trail.

Literary and tourist route

Following in
Minatti's footsteps

Following in the footsteps of our great lyrical poet Ivan Minatti

Starting point: The Slovenske Konjice bus station
Length: 1.8 km
Elevation: 30 m
Walking time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy

You can also walk the path of our poet yourself. The leaflet will guide you through the spaces associated with Minatti’s life. On the day after the first day of spring, March 22, 1924, the giant of Slovenian poetry was born in Konjice and spent his first five years here. He was a translator, publicist and academic, but he was most memorable for his famous poem, You Must Love Someone.

Route description: The route starts at the Slovenske Konjice bus station and goes past the Town Square to the old market centre. The leaflet presents buildings related to Minatti’s life. You can make a stop at the Tattenbach Pub, where you can also enjoy a delicious Minatti coffee in addition to a roll of poetry. Finish your literary journey at the monument of Ivan Minatti, which is placed in front of the News Media House and Radio Rogla. There you can sit on a bench next to him, and in Minatti’s bookstore you can borrow a book and take your moment to read.


Poetry was part of Minatti’s family, as his wife, Lojzka Špacapan, and their daughter, Katarina Minatti, are also poets.