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Slovenske Konjice will also touch your emotions through your taste buds. You’ve heard the saying that love goes through the stomach, right? “You have to love someone” was written a long time ago by our honorary citizen, a great Slovenian poet born in Konjice, Ivan Minatti. People of Konjice have also become incurable romantics who love to pamper their loved ones with good food, top quality drinks and unique locations, both outdoors and behind four walls. You are invited to enjoy us by the spoonful.

Where to eat well?

Restavracija in kavarna Trebnik
Grajska ulica 9, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Gostilna Zlati grič
Škalce 83, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Center okusov
Škalska cesta 1A, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Restavracija Fink
Spodnje Preloge 44, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Mestna picerija
Celjska cesta 1a, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Gostilna Kralj
Liptovska cesta 9, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Robida Coffee & Cake Shop
Stari trg 1, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Gostilna Gastuž
Špitalič pri Slov. Konjicah 9, 3215 Loče

Restavracija Spargus
Špitalič pri Slov. Konjicah 9, 3215 Loče

Turistična kmetija Krošlovi
Kraberk 18, 3215 Loče

Gostilna in picerija Endi
Tepanje 54, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Marche Tepanje
Spodnje Grušovje 1A, 3210 Slovenske Konjice – A1 direction Ljubljana
Spodnje Grušovje 10B, 3210 Slovenske Konjice – A1 direction Maribor

Gostilna Pri Inotu
Draža vas 18, 3215 Loče

Restavracija in picerija Ob železnici
Slomškova ulica 6, 3215 Loče

Kaferna – hiša dobrot
Slomškova ulica 10, 3215 Loče

Izletniška kmetija Lopan
Stari trg 19, 3215 Loče

Lovski dom Mlače
Mlače 35b, 3215 Loče

Gostišče Ulipi
Zeče 35, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Where to get top quality wines?

Škalce 80, 3210 Slovenske Konjice
T: +386 (0)3 758 03 76;

Škalce 18 a, 3210 Slovenske Konjice
T: +386 (0)31 535 234; E:

Konjiška vas 22 a, 3210 Slovenske Konjice
T: +386 (0)41 781 177, E:

Lipoglav 71, 3215 Loče
T: +386 (0)41 682 500, E:

Klokočovnik 16, 3215 Loče
T: +386 (0)41 563 267, E:

Žiče 62 a, 3215 Loče
T+386 (0)3 576 34 45, +386 (0)31 399 824, E:

Where to sleep well?

Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS | ROOMS
Grajska ulica, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Vinogradniški dvorec Zlati grič | APARTMENTS
Škalce 86, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Mala kmetija (The Small farm) | ROOMS
Škalce 42, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Ranch Nana’s house | ROOMS
Breg pri Konjicah 3, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Apartma Venko | APARTMENT
Oplotniška cesta 13, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Mia Bella Luxury Chalet | HOUSE
Zgornja Pristava 4b, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Apartment pri Povhih | APARTMENT
Vešenik 29, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Apartma Xanadu | APARTMA
Liptovska ulica 49, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Penzion Kračun | ROOMS
Slomškova ulica 6, 3215 Loče

Farmhouse Lipoglav | HOUSE
Lipoglav 1, 3215 Loče

NiceHead Holiday Appartment | APARTMENT
Lipoglav 59, 3215 Loče

Lesena hiška čebelnjak | HOUSE
Lipoglav, 3215 Loče
+386 (0)41 754 704.

S-center | ROOMS
Žiče 20a, 3215 Loče

Hiša Žičanka | HOUSE
Žiče 63, 3215 Loče

Gostišče Ulipi | ROOMS
Zeče 35, 3210 Slovenske Konjice

Gostišče pod orehi | ROOMS
Kraberk 9, 3215 Loče

Charming Village House with Patio and Garden | HOUSE
Tepanje 38, Slovenske Konjice

Tastes of Rogla

Tastes of Rogla is a brand that today unites local providers of food products, crops and beverages, dishes, culinary events, handicraft products and tourist products/guided experiences in the area of the Rogla – Pohorje Tourist Destination, which consists of the municipalities of Oplotnica, Slovenske Konjice, Vitanje and Zreče. And most importantly – the brand lives.



The philosophy of the Tastes of Rogla brand corresponds with the philosophy of this area, which was already strongly affected by the arrival of the Carthusians from the Žiče Carthusian Monastery in the 12th century. Just as they lived sustainably and socially responsibly in the 12th century – in contact with nature, with themselves, self-sufficient, moderate, as a waste-free society, and yet found ways to earn money for their community that did not harm the environment and society – so at the Rogla – Pohorje Tourist Destination, we set ourselves the task of establishing a triple axis of cooperation based on a fair attitude towards people, nature, providers and customers. The Flavours of Rogla today reflect all this.

They ensure the enjoyment of traditional dishes according to uniform recipes and the most authentic handicrafts and experiences. They combine hard work, homegrown produce, forest and meadow delicacies, natural materials, aromatic wines and a love of old, almost disappeared dishes, products and customs that deserve attention.